Frequently Asked Questions

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This is dependent on the type of loan being applied for.

Yes. We do accept 2nd mortgages.

All parties whose names appear on the Title must be present at the interview.


Each application will be considered on its own merit; please contact your local Branch for details.

We will assess your debt service ratio (DSR) to see if you can afford the monthly payments. Your debt service ratio is your total loan repayments divided by your total monthly gross salary.

We will also look at your credit history with the credit union or other financial institutions to determine credit worthiness. For further information speak with one of our Loans Officer

  • For an easy self-assessment; please use our loan calculator here


We accept motor vehicles up to 15 years old once it can be comprehensively insured.

Yes; this will depend on whether all required conditions are satisfied. Contact a loans officer for details.

Once the first payment is made, if you die or become permanently disabled, the goal is automatically payable in full. Conditions apply.


  • The insured ceases to be a member of the Credit Union
  • The deposit is over 60 days delinquent
  • The insured reaches age 70 or the goal is reached
  • The insurance benefits are paid

For death or total and permanent disability caused by the following:

    • Involvement in criminal activities
    • Insured’s beneficiary’s intentional behavior, including drugging or murdering
    • Suicide within the first two years of insurance
    • Self-inflicted disabilities
    • Health conditions as stated in the contract which existed before the contract date

Yes; up to 90% of the amount saved


  • The FIP is an insurance that covers up to six eligible members of a family including the member, upon death for one affordable monthly premium.


Any member of the policyholder’s family which includes:

    • Spouse- married or unmarried
    • Any two parents - biological parents, parents-in-law or step-parents who have not yet attained age 76 at the time of enrollment
    • Children of the member - biological or legally adopted children who have reached age 1 up to 26 years and are unmarried
    • Children who are permanently disabled if enrolled prior to age 26 will be covered for the duration of their lives