Dean Williams
“... Mr. Wray advised me that given my current financial situation I could write a letter explaining my financial difficulties and he would see how best he could assist. At first I was hesitant; however, I yielded to the suggestion and wrote the letter. About a week later I received a call from Mr. Wray saying that the Board of Directors had reviewed the letter and had approved the loan amount requested. It is unlike a man to get emotional, however after getting that good news I was very emotional. I immediately called my wife and told her and we were really happy and grateful. This experience for me was probably the most memorable one at the Credit Union bearing in mind that the loan was also unsecured.”
- Dean Williams, Corporal

“...I was the Officer in-charge of Administration at the Area 5 Head Quarters and being tasked with assisting in the organization of the Area 5 Sports, there was no hesitation on the part of the Credit Union when the request for assistance was made of them. The result was the splendid uniformed turnout of the teams.
Additionally, as former Treasurer of the Police Officers’ Club, and having seen the impact of the available opportunities and the assistance being given generally to members of the organization; this positively impacted our decision to transfer most of our financial interest from the Commercial Bank, at the time, to the Credit Union and I must say the service since then I simply could not decry.”
- Grace Barnaby–Bromfield, Retired Senior Superintendent of Police

“...I was advised to purchase a brand new vehicle using my concession and that after I have retired the loan could be renegotiated with an affordable payment to match what my pension could cover. The loan process was quick and easy. Most of the corresponding took place between the Credit Union and the Institution from which I was purchasing the vehicle. I was surprised when I got the call that the vehicle is ready.”
- Hylton Whitter, Retired Inspector of Police

“...I personally want to commend the Tower Isle (St. Mary Branch) staff under the leadership and management of Ms. Donna Brown for their love, dedication, excellent customer service and unwavering commitment that enhance and create the perfect atmosphere to conduct business.
...JPCCU is responsible for the many achievements of my family, and my relationship and loyalty to this institution is unwavering.”
- Pollyann Brown-Mullings, Inspector of Police
“...As a result of the service I received at the Police Credit Union, I have sent many potential members to join them. I am pleased with the way they have worked with me like a partner, and I will continue to be a loyal Member of the Jamaica Police Cooperative Credit Union Ltd.”
- Dwight Daley, Deputy Superintendent of Police
“...I would like to use this opportunity to congratulate the JPCCU for the excellent work that they are doing to serve their members; to secure and protect their members’ assets and to be that last line of defense when its members are in dire need of financial support.”
- Milton Thompson, Sergeant of Police
“... I love the experience I have gained at the Jamaica Police Co-operative Credit Union.  I especially appreciate that they encourage me to save whatever little I can and believe me, this allowed me to save in excess of $270,000.00 within a  year by my small daily deposits of $200 - $800. ”
- Leroy Brown, Member
“...In a time where most financial institutions are focused mainly on attaining a huge profit margin, the Police Credit Union is focused on bettering the lives of their Members.”
- Hordel Harris, Sergeant of Police
2014 Lasco Top Cop
“...My hopes were renewed that day. The advice given and the attentiveness shown were heartfelt and lasted throughout the entire loan process.”
- Dennis Biggs, Detective Sergeant
“...My most recent experience serves just to reaffirm my resolve in remaining an ardent member and an ambassador of the Credit Union that has endorsed in a most significant way, their tagline “Committed to your Economic Success”. On the 28th January 2015, I drove a Brand New 2015 Toyota Rav 4 out of Toyota Jamaica without paying one red cent.”
- Joseph e. Caine, Inspector of Police
“...Many years ago my mother-in-law died. I also lost my wife in January 2014. During both periods, I truly discovered that this institution was there for me in times of need. I got great financial relief through their Family Indemnity Plan..”
- Clarence Kelly, Corporal
“...I started with 10 pounds at the Credit Union and I can tell you I have no regrets up to today.”
- Thomas A. Levene, Retired Sergeant of Police
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