Ways to Send Money
By Mail
  • Money Order
  • Cheques
PO Box 1096
122 Habour Street
Kingston, Jamaica
Wire Transfer
Contact your nearest branch
Jamaica National Building Society
  • Do transfers online to www.jnmoneytransfer.com or JNMT Office
  • Provide full name/JPCCU Account #/ Type of currency/ name of primary account holder/ Fee
  • Fees are as follows:
  • US$13 to send US$100
  • US$18.99 to send US$400
  • US$21.99 to send US$500
  • US$27.99 to send US$1,000
When sending money to Jamaica Police Co-operative Credit Union via Xoom.com you are required (only for first transaction) to complete a Capital & Credit Remittance Limited (CCRL) Authorization Form. Please contact Jamaica Police Co-operative Credit Union for your copy.
Here are the very simple steps to follow when sending money to JPCCU through Xoom.com:
Step 1: If you don't already have an account with Xoom.com you will need to create one.
Step 2: Once you log in, you may need to click Send Money; this will take you to "Select Options"
Step 3: Select Options, here you will need to fill out certain information which is as follows:
  • Who is receiving the money? Name of recipient: Your Full Name
  • Where do you want to send money? Jamaica
  • How much would you like to send? Input the amount you would like to send then click continue
  • How would you like the money received? Choice Bank Deposit and then click continue
Step 4: This step has three sections (1) Recipient (2) Payment (3) Review
(1) Recipient: BANK DEPOSIT - Choose "Other" for bank since the Jamaica Police Co-operative Credit Union is not yet listed in the drop down window.
Other Bank Name: Jamaica Police Co-operative Credit Union
Account Number: Your JPCCU Account Number
Address: 122 Harbour Street, Kingston Jamaica
Email: info@jpccu.com.jm
Number:1 876 355 7389 then continue to payment.
(2) Payment: Kindly note that the three payment options are (Pay with Bank Account - $4.99, Debit card - $7.99 or Credit Card - $7.99) choose the most suitable option for you and then click continue.
(3) Review then click send
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