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As a member of JPCCU you will be offered :
  • Personalized & Professional Service exceeding members expectation
  • Competitive Returns on Savings
  • Reasonable Rates on Loans
  • Technologically Advanced Operating Systems

Who Can Become a Member?

  • Present and past members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force
  • District Constables
  • Employees of the Ministry with responsibility for the Police
  • Members of staff, permanently employed to the JPCCU
  • Employees of the Credit Union and their families (mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, children, cousin, grandchildren and grandparents)

Benifits Of Being A Credit Union Member

  • Member of World-wide Movement:
  • Jamaican Organisation - Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League ( JCCUL )
  • Caribbean Organisation - Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions ( CCCU )
  • World Organisation - World Organisation Council of Credit Unions ( WOCCU )
  • A part of a safe and sound Organisation - Not a single credit union member has lost his/her saving in a credit union in Jamaica
  • A part of the section of the Financial Sector that has kept growing even while other sections were contracting
  • Part-ownership of the credit union
  • Equal say in the Decision Making Process - Each member has right to attend A.G.M. and make contribution on any topic up for discussion; has one vote, like everybody else
  • Eligible for Election to the Board or any other Committees - Subject to meeting the requirements
  • Access to Reasonably - Priced Service
  • More Personalised Service at the Credit Union’s Office than at other Financial Institutions
As a member of JPCCU you are eligible for our scholarships:

The Leslie McDonald and L. A. Buchanan Memorial Scholarship

Members and their children entering or having completed their first year of a full-time course in B.Sc. in Social Science (Majoring in Accounting, Economics, Management or finance) or Bsc. in Business Administration at the University of the West Indies, Mona, and Northern Caribbean University respectively are eligible for these scholarships.

Bursaries and 5 year scholarships are granted each year to members children entering high school.
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