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The Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union (JPCCU), together with the National Housing Trust (NHT), is now offering joint Housing Micro-Finance loans to members who are contributors to the Trust, and who earn a gross salary of $42,000 weekly or less.
Product Features:
  • Maximum Loan at Disbursement: $850,000.00
  • Interest rates: 6% per annum Secured & 9% per annum Unsecured
  • Repayment Period: up to 5 years
  • Purpose: Land purchase, titling, house finishes (tiling, painting, fixtures, fitting etc.), construction preliminaries (surveyor's report, valuation, Bill of Quantity, etc.) utilities installation, infrastructure (new/upgrade), solar products, down payments.

Loan Requirements:
  • Last 2 pay slips
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of purpose
  • ID
  • Savings requirement
  • Completed application

Visit any of the JPCCU Branches and speak to a Loans Officer
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