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Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act

New Plan Family Indemnity Plan
Cuna Mutual has extended the number of plans offered under the Family Indemnity Plan product and is introduced Plan G as their newest addition.
The individual benefit allotted to the plan is $1,000,000.00 with a monthly premium of $5,280.00.
All existing insured members who have completed the 6 month waiting period and are paid up to date can now upgrade to plan G.
One upgrade per year is still applicable, as such members will not qualify for this upgrade if one has already taken place within the last 12 months.
Love lasts more than a lifetime. That’s why we help make it a bit easier for your loved ones to find comfort. Seven coverage options are available including the new PLAN G.
All other terms and conditions remain unchanged in particular:

  1. For upgrades to any other plan type (A-F) a six month waiting period will apply
  2. For New enrollments Plans (A-G) a six month waiting period is applicable, except in cases of accidental death.

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